Important Additional Information for Applying to Honour Specialist Courses:

  1. None of the admission requirements will be altered or waived.

  2. Candidates who attend or complete an Honour Specialist Additional Qualification course for which they do not have the prerequisites and for which they have not received an application approval email from the Continuing Education Office, do so at their own risk.

  3. The Continuing Education Office reserves the right to withdraw any candidate who submits documentation after the start of the session and who is subsequently found to be unqualified.

  4. Academic assessments for Honour Specialist Additional Qualification courses are carefully conducted by OISE within the rules and guidelines established by the Education Act 184/97 and the University of Toronto. However, applicants should be aware that the outcome of our assessments may differ from assessments conducted by other organizations such as OSSTF, QECO and the Ontario College of Teachers.

  5. If course work has been completed at more than one university, official transcripts from each university attended are required in order for OISE to complete the academic assessment.

  6. Each official transcript must be included with the application in a sealed envelope, signed/stamped by the issuing institution. The transcripts you receive in sealed envelopes are confidential and not to be opened. Some institutions will not provide you with transcripts in sealed envelopes. In this case, official transcripts should be sent directly from the issuing institution to the OISE Continuing Education Office. Please note that we do not have access to transcripts from other University of Toronto faculties.

  7. Transcripts received in unsealed envelopes are not considered official, nor are faxed copies of transcripts. Please note that we do not have access to transcripts from other University of Toronto faculties. Please also be aware that we do not return transcripts to applicants - once submitted, transcripts become and remain the property of the University, subject to the Policy on Access to Official Academic Records.

  8. If prerequisite courses are not clearly defined by subject on the transcripts(s) the applicant will be required to provide a letter from the appropriate Department of the issuing university verifying the validity of the subject orientation before a final decision can be made on the Honour Specialist Additional Qualification academic assessment. For example, if an applicant wishes to use Drama courses towards an Honour Specialist Additional Qualification in English, the applicant would ask the English Department of the university where the courses were completed to verify that the Drama courses would be acceptable as English courses towards an English degree at that University.
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